a few helpful links

apologies for the long silence. coming out of a move – now over, thankfully – and a bit of a difficult time personally. i’m going to be back on my feet soon, and working on new stories and comics before too long. in the meantime, i wanted to share a few links that have been helping me stay focused.

thank you to everyone who read my machine of death story! (which can be found on the new stories page).

how to steal like an artist

super obvious secrets i wish they’d teach in art school

the sad, beautiful fact that we’re going to miss almost everything

trial, error, and the god complex

less talk, more rock


see you soon.


One Comment to “a few helpful links”

  1. great links, thanks! ‘how to steal like an artist’ is one of my faves.
    also, thought your MoD story was great! hope you get selected!


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